Here is the chapter “The Human Brain”.¬† ID page 207

Key points:

  • Telepathy can be developed and should be in young children
  • Telepathy enables us to communicate directly with the Elohim
  • Mediums have above average telepathy
  • The call for mediums to get together for regular meetings
  • The power of one brain is great, several brains is infinite

Forty Two (42) years ago The Elohim called for the gathering of Mediums.

Today Rael says: Raelian news letter contact 397

  • The call for meetings of mediums will happen when the Elohim ask for it
  • Special training required or a surgery¬†(this self development training is already in the messages in the chapter Telepathic communication. ID, page 209. If you want to have telepathic communication of a very high quality,)(No mention of it only being available to children or requiring surgery any where in the messages).

It appears Rael has forgotten what the Elohim asked for?










Several instances appear in the messages where Telepathy is described like a loud speaker.

  • Samuel Hears a voice

  • John hears a voice

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