The Raelian Movement also abandoned its policy of electing the guide of guides from among its bishops

  • The policy was supposed to avoid the head of the Movement remaining in charge should exaggerated ageing take effect.
  • Well documented on the Red Ochre channel Rael has displayed a number of instances where his mental integrity comes into question, i.e.
  • In a single statement. Announcing to the Structure to partly abandon its deep value of non-violence at the same time as saying,  ” if new Messages arrived asking me to push towards violence, betraying our deep values, then I would immediately refuse to forward them on”.
  • Stating that telepathy isn’t hearing voices, just vague feelings (unless you have a surgery), yet several instances exist in the messages where previous prophets have herd a voice as if like a loud speaker.
  • Forgetting the fact that the messages from 1975 mentioned that Rael was waiting to hear from mediums, who with their above average telepathy and already on the path to awakening would have meetings, so they could link their minds and become infinite. (The Human Brain).


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